Web Changelog

I have just over a week left on my supposed month-long “Prototype Jam” for COOPERRATA. I say supposed: If you’ve read my posts so far it’s evident that I’ve played hooky on the actual prototyping. Instead I’ve been laying down a foundation of UI, cloud services and a chat system. Truth be told, I’m quite pleased with my efforts. I tell myself I’ll be able to use that foundation on any game I make, but to be honest I’m pretty set on creating COOPERRATA in-full, regardless. Gameplay prototyping will just have to start after this week or so.

Today I set up a simple changelog / news website for COOPERRATA (you’re reading it, unless you’ve caught this via my G+ post), which I will also reference in the “news” tab of the game’s launcher. There’s a switch in my brain that cements any idea once I’ve registered a domain for it. So there’s that.

On that note: I’m cross-posting between the website and Google+. I do wish Google+ used Markdown (rather than its odd less-featured system) for text markup. The website itself is generated via Hugo + my templates. I’ll code a script so web-posts will automatically be indexed for the game-launcher news as well. Automating as much as I can.

Meanwhile my whiteboards have been wiped and re-filled with COOPERRATA notes. I might as well call this production development. 

(Feel free to comment via Rog's G+ post: web-changelog)