Upgrading to Unity 5.3.0

I’ve been holding my development on Unity 5.1.4, but thanks to a quick response from the Unity QA Team on a bug report: I’m going to bite the bullet and move forward with Unity 5.3.0.

The bug in question hasn’t been fixed yet, but I’m confident it will be. It’s a Canvas scaling bug with Unity’s UI, that occurs during script-triggered resolution changes while using a reference resolution. If I stick to native resolution for now, I can hold out.

Another Unity UI bug is washed-out / bad tinting in linear color (†), which you can see in my example screen crop here. This bug has been occurring since 5.2.x but I believe Unity is changing the linear color implementation (to L2? I have seen it mentioned) for Enlighten (the lighting system). That’s probably related to the delay in fixing this. I’ll just have to cringe and put up with this bug for a while until they get to it.

Unity 5.3.0 does come with some features that I really want. I use Allegorithmic Substances for textures, and 5.3 adds visual parity: What you see in the Substance editor matches in-game. There’s also a significant fix related to an asset I’m using that repairs a memory leak.

I’d like to settle on a “stable” release of the Unity engine to develop on. Chasing a moving target in production can get out of hand and I don’t enjoy re-factoring quite enough to have it prompted by changes in the engine. There’s a good chance that I’ll be sticking with 5.3.x, although I’ll have to see where I am along in development when 5.4 arrives sometime in March 2016.

More info about the Unity 5.3.0 upgrade from the Unity Blog.

… (†) footnote: I’d prefer to use the Canadian spelling of colour but I try to force myself to stick with expected spelling / terminology with software.

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