Security Models

To speed up COOPERRATA development, I’m re-using assets from my old Awareon project. Mainly these two “security” characters, which the player will be able to choose between.

I intend to add secondary colour choices and perhaps some height + width sliders on the character creation screen. Nothing too crazy, it’s not an RPG, but having some personal choices over your character feels good.

I need to touch up the textures / materials at some point. The shot on the left is the original preview from a few years back in Marmoset. The shot on the right is from my current build in Unity 5.1.3. As you can see I haven’t properly converted the textures for PBR rendering (they are far too shiny and bland). I’ll have to do a lengthy art-pass if gameplay works out (after my month-long jam). I have Substance Painter and these characters would be a good test for me to learn a thing or two with that beautiful program.

I’m really pleased with a set of “assault rifle” animations I purchased via the Unity Asset Store. The rifle poses here are from that.

Note: These characters were commissioned. They were created (with my input / taste only, I’m not a character artist) by freelance 3D artist Eugene Ivanov, from wonderful concept art by John Amor.

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