Prototype Jam

I have roughly a month between some contract work, so I’m trying my hand at a new prototype during that time.

It will be a cooperative FPS for 3-to-5 players, with a light cover system. In a sci-fi setting, against robots. Tentative name so far is: COOPERRATA (a portmanteau of co-op and errata).

Basically it’s an excuse for me to make something tangibly fun (hopefully) without straying too far from the established shooter genre. I’ll work on it for a month or so and then see how fun (or not) it may be.

I’ll try to post light updates here on G+ as I go. So far what you see is the launch screen. That and some colour palettes are what I have so far. The rest are just ideas and some assets from previous projects I’ll re-use.

Colour palette links, mostly for the UI:

(Feel free to comment via Rog's G+ post: prototype-jam)