Optional VR?

My excitement has been growing for VR and that’s spilling into my development of COOPERRATA. Now I want to add VR support once I get my hands on my pre-ordered Vive next month.

How does that work? COOPERRATA is primarily a tactical-ish FPS for mouse+keyboard (or game-controller). I don’t want to port that to VR, that would be klunky and compromised. Instead I’m thinking a sort of asymmetric co-op where VR players can join in together with mouse+keyboard players.

My current thinking is players could use VR as a support role: A VR “hacker” type that assists the other players as they make their way through a level battling robots and AI antagonists. That’s not set in stone, because room-scale VR is so different I really need to experiment and get a good feel for it before I lock any one design down. It’s a starting point though and I’m pretty excited about it.

The game would still be fully playable without VR players, but will let players of both types drop-in and out at will, changing the dynamics of the game in-progress. Cooperate in multiple ways.

I was planning on sending out private alpha keys this week, but I’m delaying that until after I restructure for these changes. I fully intend to release COOPERRATA this year regardless in one form or another, possibly on Steam: Early Access.

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