Menu Game?

My inner adult has been arguing with itself over which is more sensible: Keeping a prototype strictly to the gameplay, or implementing fully realized interfaces such as a launch menu. Don’t bother answering for either of my doppelgängers, they don’t listen to reason.

So I made a launch menu. It’s not really full-featured. I haven’t added an auto-patch update system nor does the “news” screen fetch in real-time (not yet at least). There’s an animated GIF attached that shows what I have so far. GIF size is slightly smaller than the actual launcher, which is 640x480.

In all fairness, I’ve done this sort of thing a number of times, so I’m well-rehearsed at it. I like launch menus because I don’t want to inflict anyone with full-volume intro music when they first launch the game. So there’s an option first to adjust that setting along with some basic video settings. Plus it’s easier to include a reset-to-defaults in case of odd cockups. I plan on sharing this prototype with a few folks and there’s no sense fielding support requests over basics like resolution choices.

I’m one day in, on this personal month-long game jam of mine.

Maybe I’ll just end up with COOPERRATA: The Menu Game?

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