Chat Start

COOPERRATA progress. I’m just past a week into development and still working on interface elements.

Chat. After all these years I’m still astonished how terrible chat interfaces are within multiplayer action games, especially shooters. Typically words disappear swiftly and at most you can see the last few lines in some sort of console-window view. I get the idea that the action should be the focus, but it seems a shame to marginalize social interaction.

I shared these thoughts with Nelg and he tossed the word “functional” at me. I’m taking that as a challenge.

Comparatively speaking, MMOs and RPGs fare much better, so I’m borrowing cues from those.

I intend chat-related features rather than a server browser. Players will find other players (rather than finding “servers”) through these channels. I’m hoping for a “build it and they will come” result from tools to encourage an active community. I’m not overloading it with features just yet, I’ll assume a small number of players first and see if it needs to grow.

The screenshot attached shows the elements I have so far. In this shot the Chat window is at full size upon launching the game, or while menus are open. It will tuck away to a smaller, less busy variation during gameplay. Links within chat will be enabled, for inviting players to games, ping times, viewing loot links (eventually), etc..

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